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So I noticed that a lot of people are still friends with this journal, and that some of you are still active. I feel like I kind of left this journal at a bad time, where a lot of you were on vacation or something but I came out as transgender almost two years ago, and have started medically transitioning.

But I wanted to start at a new journal, which I did and I still update it, I feel like I left a lot of you, and some of you are still even Facebook friends with me but we haven't talked. So if any of you are still out there my new journal is: radges and I go by Owen now.

I hope you're all well, and sorry for kind of just disappearing even though I made a post about it. I only use this journal for communities that are closed now that I still need access to.


So, I've always known I was a boy and things and I'm finally coming to terms with it by calling myself one, my mom won't call me that but I know that you guys will and so I want a fresh start so I'm moving livejournals.

Um, if you guys have questions about transgender stuff or what's going on with me don't be afraid to ask, I'm not gonna bite your head off about it. I've just come to terms with it and I want to start over. If you want to add if I know you, just add me and I'll add you back. If you don't wanna be friends anymore that's cool too, I'll understand. radges

I love you guys, and I'm gonna leave you with this video cause I think it sorta helps people have more of an understanding.

ETA: The link isn't working, don't know why. My username is: radges (the Scottish word for crazy with an S at the end) so there you go.
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I didn't watch the Royal Wedding because I had to go to sleep but I saw some of it, it was sweet. Harry is adorable.

Anyways, I feel like talking about Jonestown and some photography. I was downloading a Columbine documentary and stumbled across a Jonestown thing. The only reason I know about Jonestown is I remember this night, it was really late and I was about 11 years old... maybe 10 or 12 I don't remember exactly. But I came out in the living room and it was like 12 on a Friday night and my mom was watching tv and I sat with her and she was watching a thing about Jonestown and I got really into it(weird kid, remember?) so I saw that today and then I decided to look up Jonestown on Tumblr and I found this really interesting piece of photography. This Canadian photographer started to do this series called "In the Playroom" the series focus's around children re-enacting tragedies in history. One of them is Jonestown, there's also Hurricane Katrina, the 2008 Tsunami, 9/11, etc. I just found them super interesting, a lot of people find them to be really disturbing, which they sorta've are but at the same time the way he talks about it... it's very interesting. I also think it's a very original idea.

I'm going to post the pictures under the cut. Some of these might be disturbing to some just fyi.
Also, probably not dial up friendly.
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Here's an interview/article talking about the photos. Like I said what he says is very true and interesting... thoughts?
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RIP Elisabeth Sladen.

I've been home sick and my mom just let me get on my computer and I found out that Elisabeth Sladen lost her battle with cancer. She played one of the greatest if not the greatest Doctor Who companion ever.

May she RIP and her family's in my prayers.

Oh my God I'm going to try and finish SJA adventures but I'll probably cry every freakin' time I watch it. ;____;